In fact, smart people have long known that the U.S. debt market, the largest capital market in human history, may collapse at some point.It is said that capital is profit-seeking, but the first thing capital considers is safety. This is why even though the market in a big country in the East is so huge, foreign investors still choose to vote with their feet and run away.When Wall Street capital chooses to use Bitcoin spot ETFs, it actually casts a vote of distrust in the U.S. dollar and leaves a way out for itself. So no matter how everyone belittles digital currencies, no matter how much they say they don’t want it, their bodies are very honest!When the cornerstone of US dollar credit begins to collapse, only BTC will become the only escape hatch from hyperinflation!Many people will never understand that Bitcoin is never for speculation, but for hoarding! 美国债务市场可能会崩溃

热点:市场 美国

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